Certified Ping Fitting Center

The Ping nFlight Experience: The days of buying clubs off the rack are over! Come experience for yourself what it is like to be fit for clubs like a professional. Go through the same process British Open Champion Louis Oosthuizen goes through when he visits Ping. Better yet come see just how much better you can hit the golf ball with the right equipment. It is our goal here at the Pagoda Golf Area and Ping nFlight Center to help you better understand your game and your equipment. We will take you through your entire bag and make sure you leave with a custom set of clubs, built specifically for you!

The Process: We have the capability to fit golfers for every club in their bag. That means putter, wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers can all be accurately assessed while going through one of our fittings. Depending on what one is looking for a fitting can last anywhere from 45 minutes to a full hour and a half. We usually start with static measurements and then move into spin rates and launch angles. All of this is done using a Kudo Flight Scope and the Ping nFlight Fitting Software. Every club and shaft Ping offers we have here to help fit you into your perfect custom club.

Pricing: Fittings are conducted by our whole staff of Ping Certified Fitters. To schedule your fitting please call us at (610) 678-8109.

Iron Fitting: $50

Driver Fitting: $50 Driver and Irons: $75
Fitting fees are waived if clubs are subsequently purchased

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